Bachelor Brad Womack
The last time we saw Brad Womack, he was crushing the hearts of two perfectly lovely women on national television. During the season 11 finale of 'The Bachelor,' Brad decided to break the show's famous proposal tradition and dumped both finalists, DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft, in one of the most memorable moments in 'Bachelor' history.

Three years later, after slander in the tabloids, unbearable loneliness and intensive therapy, Brad's back. And this time he claims he's serious about finding true love -- he only reminds us 50 times per episode. The one thing we have to wonder is, will the new contestants, most of whom are aware of Brad's commitment-phobic track record on 'The Bachelor,' be able to trust him enough to want to be there at the end?

Surprisingly enough, it seems like they already do.