One of Hollywood's busiest writer-director-producers, Judd Apatow ('The 40-Year-Old Virgin,' 'Superbad,' 'Knocked Up,' the upcoming 'Wanderlust') took on hosting duties Saturday night at the Producers Guild Awards in Los Angeles.

Of course, the elephant in the room was last week's controversial Golden Globes -- in fact, the PGA's took place in the very same Beverly Hilton ballroom -- and Apatow wasted no time slamming that show's emcee, reportedly lacing his monologue with profanities in the process.

"What did you think of Ricky Gervais?" asked Apatow, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "I didn't like him. I thought he was mean."

One by one, he cut Gervais' wisecracks down to size. "He had that joke about the guy on 'Lost' [Jorge Garcia]," said Apatow. "He said he ate everybody else. Let's be honest: Ricky Gervais just lost weight. Even now, he's four pounds away from not being allowed to do a joke like that. Did he lose weight just to make fat jokes? You think that's how mean he is?"