He's dressed every First Lady in the last 30 years -- except Michelle Obama. But at this rate, Oscar de la Renta better not expect her to seek his input any time soon.

The charismatic, opinionated designer is panning Mrs. Obama's attire at the White House's recent state dinner for Chinese president Hu Jintao.

While she looked lovely in her fiery formal gown, both the design house (Alexander McQueen) and the designer (Sarah Burton) are British, a bit of an odd choice while representing the U.S. at such a major event. That said, the dress was red, a hue symbolizing happiness and prosperity in Chinese culture (de la Renta himself is famous for his use of red).

De la Renta remains unimpressed. "My understanding is that the visit was to promote American-Chinese trade," the designer told Women's Wear Daily. "Why do you wear European clothes?"