Kevin Griffin of Better Than EzraBetter Than Ezra were certified pop/rock stars in the '90s, with songs like 'Good' and 'Desperately Wanting' leading the band to the top of the charts, and not surprisingly, frontman Kevin Griffin sees a lot of those fans in the audience today when Better Than Ezra hits the stage. "I think it's late 20s and up, in general just the people who were there in the '90s when Better Than Ezra was the big band and had our biggest time as far as record sales," Griffin tells PopEater of the band's demographic.

But like any band that stays together, BTE are seeing a cyclical wave in popularity, including new fans. "If you stick around enough and hopefully your music kind of stands the test of time, then you get new fans. Who knows why they got turned onto it? Maybe their parents or a big brother," Griffin says. "We're always amazed when we play a show and we see these young people out there, like, 'How do they know our band?'"