Bret Michaels is known for breaking hearts on his reality show 'Rock of Love,' but this time it's his heart that needs fixing.

The rocker and 'Celebrity Apprentice' winner is undergoing a procedure in Phoenix, Arizona to close a hole in his heart, the AP reports. Doctors discovered the hole in Michaels' heart in April when treating him for a "massive subarachnoid hemorrhage" at the base of his brain.

Michaels will undergo a cardiac catheterization during which doctors plan to insert a catheter into a vein in the groin and guide wires and a closure device into the heart with cameras assisting the doctors as they operate to close the hole. This closure device will remain in Michaels' heart to stop abnormal blood flow between the two chambers of the heart.

Doctors say without this procedure, Michaels risks developing blood clots and having an additional stroke.