Mary Harvey and Steve HarveySteve Harvey's ex-wife, Mary Harvey, blasted the comedian in a series of YouTube videos this weekend and alleged that he cheated on her, took their son and left her homeless. In the videos, totaling almost 30 minutes, Mary discusses their entire relationship, adding that his infidelity ultimately led to their divorce.

Recalling how their marriage unraveled, she claims that on their second anniversary she accidentally received a "confidential" envelope from his mistress. Although she knew he was cheating on her, Mary stayed with Steve for the sake of their son, Wynton. But she knew the marriage was over when she intercepted a phone call from Marjorie Bridges, whom Steve went on to marry after he and Mary divorced.

"I had committed to growing old with him. The first time I was aware of Marjorie [Bridges], I had nothing else to say ... I had given it all for the sake of my marriage and my family," she says.

After she confronted Steve, he abruptly left and dragged her through grueling divorce proceedings. "He turned my son against me and had me evicted from our house," she claims. "I woke up, and everything was gone."