The gang over at Pixar is celebrating its 'Toy Story 3' Academy Award nominations today, most notably for Best Picture. "Lee Unkrich [director] and I called each other, and John Lasseter [executive producer] at 5:45," producer Darla K. Anderson tells PopEater. "We were all whooping it up and texting each other. It's really fun."

Anderson says that watching the nominations being read was a nerve-wracking experience for herself and fellow 'Toy Story 3' colleagues.

"When they read off the nominations, we were at the bottom of the second half of the list, and I thought, 'Oh, my God. Come on.' My heart was pounding. The potential was killing me. I personally was surprised."

"It's something you don't take for granted, what a gigantic honor it is, such a huge honor, to be nominated for an Academy Award."

She notes that, "I'm here at Pixar, which is exactly what I want. I want to be with the 400-plus people who made this film possible. We'll definitely be celebrating. It may be as simple as gathering somewhere and hugging each other," she said this morning.