Jaime Pressly and Simran SinghIt has been reported from various sources that 'My Name is Earl' actress Jaime Pressly has split from her husband of 16 months, Simran Singh.

RadarOnline reports an insider saying that Pressly, 33, and Singh, an entertainment lawyer, have called it quits.

"They are done," the source says.

Another insider tells Us Weekly, "It's over. I don't think they have officially filed anything yet though."

The insider goes on, "I think it comes down to she married this guy too fast. He seemed like a good guy, but he is super full of himself and puts her down for everything. He picks fights with her for any little thing."

The person adds that Pressly is worried over how the separation will affect her 3-year-old son, Dezi, who she had from a previous relationship.