John Travolta has been approached about playing the role of former mafia boss John Gotti, TMZ reports.

Travolta, 56, reportedly shared dinner Monday night at Amici, an Italian restaurant in Brentwood, with Mark Fiore, the executive producer of the upcoming movie based on Gotti's life. Fiore purchased the rights to the crime leader's story in September.

Sources tell TMZ that Travolta has yet to officially sign on to the role. Recent Academy Award nominee James Franco is being considered to play the part of John Gotti Jr.

The real-life John Gotti was serving a life sentence in prison until his death in 2002. The former crime boss was convicted of 13 murders, conspiracy to commit murder, illegal gambling, extortion and tax evasion in 1992. He was nicknamed "The Dapper Don" by the media because of his extravagant lifestyle and expensive clothing.