2011 is off to a rough start for Katie Holmes.

In early January, A&E announced that despite having poured millions into 'The Kennedys' miniseries, the scripted historical drama wasn't going to air. Despite Holmes' role as Jacqueline Kennedy generating a lot of advance buzz for the miniseries, most other pay cable networks were quick to pass on the high-cost production as well.

Now it seems Holmes' new movie 'The Son of No One' is bombing with audiences. Radaronline.com reports that at a screening of the film at Sundance on Monday, many audience members simply walked out mid-film. In addition to Holmes, the film features big names like Al Pacino and Ray Liotta, but that wasn't enough to keep audience members from storming out in what one observer describes as "an exodus."

But 2011 hasn't been all bad news for the 32-year-old working mom. The actress will be collaborating with women's workwear designer Ann Taylor as the stylish, sophisticated face of their spring advertising campaign.

And at least Holmes has hubby Tom Cruise and his couch-jumping enthusiasm to lift her spirits when her films flop. Then again, she can always get some retail therapy with her 4-year-old fashionista in training.