Ke$ha's Former Manager Wants to Start the Clock on LawsuitKe$ha may have a dollar sign in her name, but not everyone is so sure that her career will always equal money in the bank.

The singer's former management team, DAS Communications, has moved to expedite their $14 million lawsuit against the 'Your Love is My Drug' singer, citing her uncertain financial future as the reason for their request.

DAS, helmed by music and film mogul David Sonenberg, claims that Ke$ha agreed to give the management company 20 percent of her earnings if they got her a contract with a major record label within a year of working with them. DAS claims that they did just that, signing Ke$ha to Warner Brothers in 2008, but Ke$ha refused to pay after dropping Warner Brothers for RCA/Jive that same year.

The New York Post reports that DAS has filed a motion in Manhattan Supreme Court to bring their lawsuit to a speedy conclusion, calling their former client, "a very young and inexperienced artist whose 'star' may not continue to rise" and requesting payment for their time while Ke$ha can still
afford it.