Kevin Smith HollywoodKevin Smith has a plan to bypass what he sees as a messed-up Hollywood studio system that ineffectively spends a vulgar amount on advertising dollars, mostly on films that aren't very good. He harped on the point -- and made headlines -- with a recent spot on the 'WTF with Marc Maron' podcast, citing his job helming 'Cop Out' as a majorly unsatisfactory experience in the big-budget world.

Let's face it: Smith is at his most vocal when he's been wronged. And nobody, according to Smith, has wronged him more than the mainstream film industry which turned him from indie maverick to, well, the director of 'Cop Out.'

Now the 40-year-old director is making the biggest, funniest stink he can, all the while proselytizing at Sundance, on Twitter and in the press that he's ready to bypass the Hollywood filmmaking and distributing style altogether.