Lady Gaga's Meat Dress Made Miniature By London StudentLady Gaga may be nearly as famous for her love of cutting-edge fashion as she is for her music, but now, thanks to London College of Fashion student Anna Chong, she's not the only one who can rock her distinctive style.

Chong, age 23, has created tiny versions of Gaga's fiercest fashions specifically designed for toy line Harumika's pint-sized dress mannequins.

Grazia reports that Chong's miniature masterpieces, including doll-sized versions of Gaga's bubble dress and carnivore couture meat dress, are on display at the London Toy Fair as of today, as a centerpiece for Harumika's U.K. launch.

While the toy company's goal is to inspire young girls to make fun, easy designs for dolls, Chong's work wasn't so simple. Her version of Gaga's meat dress, for which she used Parma ham, took two weeks to create.

Check out the how-to video for making a meat dress inside.