Liam GallagherLiam Gallagher has revealed that an overzealous fan once snorted his dandruff thinking it was cocaine.

In an interview with Q magazine (via Gigwise), the singer said that the Oasis fan, who was backstage at the Glastonbury Festival at the time, mistook some rogue flakes of dandruff on Gallagher's hair for the drug.

The "geezer" showed it to his friend, picked out a piece then snorted it up his nose in the hope of getting a kick out of it.

Gallagher said, "Everyone's backstage and this geezer comes up to me, going 'I ain't seen Oasis for f*****g years, f*****g great' and I'm going 'Yeah, alright.'"

"And he goes to his mate. 'Look Steve, he's even got cocaine in his hair.' And he pulls a bit of s**t out me hair."