James FrancoJames Franco barely survived a harrowing experience on 'The Daily Show.' After having to get into character for his film '127 Hours,' where his character's arm was trapped in a rock collapse, it must have been eerie to suffer a similar calamity.

As he explained it, "I was trying to get a Fun-Size Snickers bar out of the mini-fridge, and it came down on me and I can't get my arm out." Franco immediately began to panic, preparing to sever his arm with a spork.

Jon Stewart came to the rescue, with a suggestion of using his other arm to life the mini-fridge and free himself. All was well, until Franco saw that there were Snickers in there.

The bit was as much fun for its general silliness as it was for Stewart's incredibly terrible acting. Franco, on the other hand, was so committed to his disastrous situation, we were scared for him. And now we're craving Fun-Size Snickers bars. See the video after the jump!