More Scandalous Photos of Jesse James SurfaceJesse James may be looking forward to his upcoming nuptials with Kat Von D, but not everything is looking up for the motorcycle man.

Less than a year after photos of James dressed up in a SS uniform hat and giving a "sieg heil" were released (seen here), more questionable photos of the former West Coast Choppers owner have surfaced.

Us Weekly has the new photos, posted on Facebook by James' former employees, which show James driving a car in which the passenger is wearing an SS Security Officer hat and giving a Nazi salute. Another photo from the set shows beloved children's book character Flat Stanley sporting Hitler's trademark push-broom mustache and Nazi regalia.

Despite the insensitive nature of the shots, Anti-Defamation League rep Abraham Foxman says James' poor taste "doesn't make him an anti-Semite."