Reality TV Dating Wisdom
Since the early 1990s, when MTV rolled out the first season of its ever-enduring homage to voyeruism, 'The Real World,' reality television and its stars have become an inescapabale part of our cultural lexicon. From the waist-whittling starvation on 'Survivor' to the brutal effects of 'Bridalplasty,' we've come to see our own lives and the disturbing-yet-somehow-enviable lives of drunk, naked and carefree reality stars, through a new, maybe softer, lens.

Arguably, the most successful reality market is the dating segment, which has launched a number of successful, if short-lived, reality TV careers, as well as the platform on which many celebrities have reclaimed their success. Despite the pain, humiliation and abundant vomiting (we're looking at you, Bret Michaels) that so often comes along with finding love on TV, the struggles of these people, who are often so unlike any person you would have occasion to meet anywhere in our solar system, still strike a chord somewhere in the toughened, black knot we once called our heart. Inside, we reveal the greatest romantic insights we've learned from reality TV.