It's no cake walk being Brooke Burke, the vivacious co-host (and past winner) of 'Dancing With the Stars.' In her new memoir, 'The Naked Mom,' the star gets intimate with the details of her complicated, and hectic, family life. While to outside observers, Burke's life may seem like a picture of bliss, she says it's "not easy" steering a blended family of four kids with fiance David Charvet, while juggling a nonstop TV schedule along with other business ventures.

"People think my life is balanced and perfect and so easy and everybody's so happy," she tells PopEater. "We are happy because we're a family and we believe in love, but it's hard. It's really hard."

In our full chat, Burke talks about hooking up with Charvet 18 years ago, her humbling flaws and why balance is a myth. She also dishes on her 'Dancing' experience including overcoming a dislike of Derek Hough and her full-throated support of Kate Gosselin and Bristol Palin.