Emilio Estevez is the latest celebrity to dip his toes in the wine business, and with his recent launch under the name Casa Dumetz, oenophiles can now taste the first line of wine to emerge from the Brat Pack.

Estevez is enjoying huge success with his vineyard, according to Mark Meal of Malibu Village Wines, and joins the ranks of Madonna, Francis Ford Coppola, Lorraine Bracco, Dan Aykroyd, Gerard Depardieu, Lil John (yes, Lil John), Kyle MacLachlan and Dave Matthews as a celebrity vintner. (Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, David Beckham and Sting all own vineyards -- but for personal use only.) "He's real passionate about making his wine," Meal tells PopEater. "He's really involved and getting better."