It's no secret that CBS execs have been concerned about Charlie Sheen's seemingly self-destructive behavior. The 'Two and a Half Men' star is currently hospitalized after a reported cocaine bender, and the veteran actor's employers are seriously concerned about his well-being.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, CBS execs have "been waiting for a trigger to get the actor to seek professional help."

One source said everyone at the network is "afraid Charlie will end up dead. It is literally day by day."

Another source claimed, "If [Charlie] did anything to delay production or put it in jeopardy, they'd shut it down and try to force him to go to rehab."

Charlie's recent trip to the hospital won't delay the show immediately. 'Two and a Half Men' is on a break this week, so the reports of a "briefcase full of cocaine" and the actor's 36-hour bender with porn star Kacey Jordan won't have any affect on his role as jingle-writing Uncle Charlie for now.