King's Speech Social Network Oscars
Oscar season is a marathon stricken by fickle opinions and wavering tastes, but this year has been relatively drama-free thanks to consensus-favorite 'The Social Network' dominating the award shows. This week, however, some critics jumped ship. After 'Network's' top competitor, 'The King's Speech,' stole a win at the Producers Guild Awards and racked up the most Oscar nominations with 12, 'Speech' executive producer Harvey Weinstein and other pundits smelled blood in the water, but movie awards expert Scott Feinberg tells PopEater he's not buying it.

"I think they switched back because it's just a gut feeling that 'The King's Speech' is too perfect a movie for the Academy; they still feel the Academy is predisposed to go for old-fashioned movies that check off all the boxes that they've always responded to," Feinberg says.