Rachel Zoe is expecting a baby boy this March, and even this fashion-forward diva isn't immune to pregnancy cravings. The sassy stylist can't get enough sour things.

"I really enjoy things that are tart, that's especially refreshing to me," Zoe told PEOPLE. "Strawberries, grapefruit, things that are really sour."

The 39-year-old and her husband Roger Berman are looking forward to the experience of being parents. "From what I can tell just from being an aunt, (motherhood) is the greatest thing that ever happened," she said.

Zoe's dapper assistant Brad Goresky split from his boss in Sept. 2010. While the two tried to claim it was drama free, our sources said Doresky was sick of doing all the work while (Zoe) got all the credit." Meanwhile, Zoe felt "used by Brad. She feels as if she taught him everything and the second he got a chance to leave her high and dry he did."