Yum-O? More like, Uh-oh! Rachael Ray is eating crow after repeatedly saying she'd never appear on ABC's 'Dancing With the Stars' because she wouldn't be caught dead in one of the hit show's typically revealing costumes.

As it turns out, Randall Christensen, the Emmy-winning wardrobe designer for 'DWTS' since 2006, had to write to the perky daytime host and practically demand that she make amends.

Ray, to her credit, reads Christensen's message (in which he asks, "Do you have any idea how hard it is to sit and hear you talk about my work that way?") aloud in the following clip. And she immediately tries smoothing over his perception that she has been bashing his designs.

"I was never trying to offend you," Ray says. "Or any of the great people that work with you, to produce such beautiful costumes. They're amazing, and they do, in fact, make everyone on the show look fabulous." She adds that her aversion to wearing 'DWTS'-style fashions really stems from insecurities she has with her own body image. Watch Rachael Ray apologize after the jump.