In a candid interview on 'The Joy Behar Show,' Camille Grammer opened up about the end of her marriage to Kelsey. The soon-to-be divorcee claimed the two had not been intimate for over two years prior to their separation.

"I think we had a really good run of it. We were together for 14 years ... What went wrong? I don't know. We didn't agree politically on everything," she laughed.

Joy then asked Camille about her "sexless" marriage to Kelsey, something she mentioned on 'The View' earlier in the day Monday.

"We tried, we just didn't mesh sexually," she admitted. "We weren't intimate, no."

The talk show host asked Camille who was to blame for the lack of chemistry in the boudoir, to which the 42-year-old former Playmate responded, "It could be both. ... But (it was) more on his end."

Camille said she misses intimacy, and considers it "a really important part of a marriage."

"I love cuddling, (but) we didn't even do that. He was too busy watching 'Fox News.' He didn't even want to cuddle," she said.

The reality TV starlet has said she does believe she can find love again, but right now she's focused on raising her two children and finalizing her divorce with the 'Frasier' star. Watch the interview after the jump.