Janine Lindemulder Jesse James Jesse James' porn star ex-wife Janine Lindemulder was arrested for harassing him in Texas over the weekend. Now she's telling RadarOnline.com her side of the story.

"Jesse James does not want me to see [7-year-old daughter] Sunny and intentionally ambushed me so that I would go to jail," Lindemulder says.

James, 41, and Lindemulder, 42, have been battling in court over custody of Sunny, who lives with James in Austin, Texas. Sunny had a stepmother in Sandra Bullock during the actress's five-year marriage to James, a reality TV star and motorcycle customizer. James recently became engaged to Kat Von D, who will be his third wife.

"Jesse does not give me ways or any means to contact my daughter," Lindemulder says. "Sunny has a cell phone but it's never on. He forces me to call his phone. There have been times where I have not spoken to my daughter in 40 days."