Is Mariah Carey trying to fatten up her husband
Nick Cannon? The TV personality told Fox411's Pop Tarts that his wife, who is pregnant with twins, is feeding him so much that he's the one packing on the pregnancy pounds!

"At this point she's just doing a lot of cooking, she's not even eating. She's creating the smell," he said. "So she cooks it, then makes me eat it. Im the one gaining all the weight! Last night we had buttered pork chops and homemade pecan pie. It's like a smorgasbord in the kitchen every day."

Cannon, 30, and Carey, 40, are expecting the twins to be born this spring. The two have several unique names picked out for their future brood, but they're keeping them under wraps. The 'America's Got Talent' host said he hopes they'll be strict parents "but we'll still have fun at the same time."

When asked if the future parents would ever collaborate musically, Cannon was uncertain.