Alex Pettyfer GQAlex Pettyfer's name is about to become as common as any 'Glee' cast member's. 'I Am Number Four,' the 20-year-old Brit's first American movie, is the first reason why.

"I wish I had as much belief in myself as the studio," Pettyfer tells GQ.

But it wasn't just the 'Number Four' filmmakers who believed in Pettyfer; so did the team behind 'Beastly,' his March movie co-starring Vanessa Hudgens, and 'Now,' which will showcase Pettyfer with Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake.

Though Pettyfer declines to discuss rumors about an engagement to 'Number Four' co-star Dianna Agron and a past romance with Emma Roberts -- "I don't talk about my private life," on both accounts -- the former English model suits up for GQ and teaches a course in the wearing of the Western-style shirt.