Get excited, Gleeks! Jane Lynch, the award-winning actress who plays Sue Sylvester on 'Glee,' is writing a memoir.

The AP reports that the 50-year-old comedienne's autobiographical novel 'Happy Accidents' will come out in September. Lynch has won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her role as the insufferable, narcissistic cheerleading coach of the McKinley High 'Cheerios.'

Lynch married her longtime girlfriend Lara Embry in May 2010. Although the two live primarily in California, they wed in Sunderland, Massachussetts where same-sex marriage is permitted. Both the 'Glee' star and her fiancee wore suits to the wedding.

The fan-favorite told MORE magazine she liked "the equanimity that comes with (being 50.) I don't have big highs, and I don't have big lows. Even if the job goes away tomorrow, the nonstop ambition is a thing of the past for me. I've mellowed."