If you're worried about getting your fix of booze-loving Uncle Charlie on 'Two and a Half Men,' you might not have to wait that much longer. TMZ reports that Charlie Sheen will return to the set in 3-4 weeks.

Producers plan to make up the episodes not being filmed while Charlie's completing his stay-at-home rehab. E! Online reported that the show's crew members were "furious" with Charlie for addictions halting the show's production, explaining, "A lot of us do not get paid, if we don't work. So if he's off getting rehab or porn-o-ing or whatever, we're screwed."

Now sources connected to the show tell TMZ that while nothing is set in stone, the addiction specialist has said Charlie could be back to work next month. If that happens, producers would make up the two missed shows at the end of the production season. This would mean no one loses any money, the crew gets paid and the show would be right back on track.