Charlie Sheen 911 callThe 911 call that prompted Charlie Sheen's hospitalization last week has been released at TMZ.

The voice of Dr. Paul Nassif is heard saying early on Jan. 27, "I just got a call from the residence of Charlie Sheen, from a secretary. Apparently ... he's intoxicated. And he's saying, 'Don't call 911.' They got him on the phone, and he was very, very intoxicated, also apparently in a lot of pain. It was kind of weird, the phone call I received."

Nassif sounds familiar with Sheen and his residence. He also sounds gravely serious.

"He's in severe pain, and he's intoxicated," Nassif says, adding he is "very worried."

Sheen was hospitalized and labeled in "serious condition" after an allegedly 36-hour bender; he has since reportedly entered rehab voluntarily.