Cyndi Lauper stepped out at Los Angeles International Airport on Monday sporting what looked like blotchy, burned and angry red skin. (See a photo of Lauper at The Daily Mail.)

In the photos snapped at the airport, the pop star tries unsuccessfully to go incognito in all black, with a thick scarf wrapped around her head and face in veil-like fashion.

While talk on the Internet has hypothesized that the 57-year-old star may have endured a deep chemical peel in an anti-aging conquest, Lauper's publicist was quick to clear up the speculation.

"Unfortunately, Cyndi had a bad reaction to a spa treatment while unwinding after a meeting about her upcoming reality show," the spokesperson told WENN.

Many of today's medical spas offer strong peels and lasers that can elicit such inflamed and red reactions, though the specific treatment Lauper received was not confirmed.