Leighton MeesterMany people have had the (mis)fortune of sharing a dorm room with a stranger and understand -- and loathe -- the feeling of knowing someone has gone through your stuff. Leighton Meester, star of the upcoming film 'The Roommate,' feels your pain, and is here to help with a new College Humor PSA.

"My message is simple. Don't touch my $h!t," she says in the clip. "We live in a world where millions of people go every day without touching my s**t -- why can't you be one of them?"

She continues to rant, putting "Leighton" labels on all of her possessions, and finishes by dividing the room in half with a line of tape as she signs off.

"Join me, and together we can create a world where people keep their hands to themselves," she concludes.

Watch the video after the jump! (Warning: Language NSWF)