Has anyone told Winona Ryder that Lindsay Lohan is vying hard for her title of Tinseltown kleptomaniac?

The 'Mean Girls' star was accused Tuesday of stealing high-end jewelery, and cops issued a search warrant for her Venice Beach home. Luckily for LiLo, a friend of the actress turned the necklace, valued at $2500, in to the Pacific Division of the LAPD Tuesday night. Lt. Jeff Bert told RadarOnline.com, "If the LA county DA's office files charges, it could be grand theft which is a felony."

Now RadarOnline reports that a "surveillance video clearly shows Lindsay Lohan taking the (allegedly stolen) necklace from the store." Their source continued, saying, "Law enforcement believe the video will prove that the actress took the necklace, because it doesn't, at any point, show her paying for the item. It's the strongest evidence authories have against [her] ... If the video didn't exist, she wouldn't be in this precarious situation."