Minka Kelly was a tad bummed that her 'The Roommate' co-star Leighton Meester got to be the psycho in the equation of their film, but she quickly got over it. "As actors we always want to play someone totally out of our own character," she tells PopEater, adding that Meester was so convincing as an unstable wackjob that she even freaked her out off-set a few times.

The 'Friday Night Lights' stunner, and Derek Jeter dater, reacts with glee to just being cast in the latest TV take on 'Charlie's Angels,' telling us writers are currently crafting her character (tentatively named Eve). While she recoils from talking about her baseballer beau, Kelly let slip that she agrees with most of world's female population, admitting, "Yes, he is adorable."

Will she and Derek watch the Super Bowl? Why does Barbra Streisand make her nervous? Read on.