Patti Stanger

Patti Stanger is single and ready to mingle. Although 'The Millionaire Matchmaker' star is usually the one setting up other people on dates, she's back "in the trenches" looking for love and ready to host her own mixer. "I'm single. It has its great moments [and] its scary moments. I'm nervous just like anybody else," she tells PopEater about entering the dating world again.

In addition to her single status, Stanger reveals that the new season of 'Matchmaker' will be full of surprises, including special guests Jenny McCarthy and Nate Berkus. Although she's staying tight-lipped about her celebrity friends, Stanger is still dishing love advice in full force, revealing it's the little switches couples make in a relationship that make all the difference. "I always remind my clients how important it is to switch things up because even the best relationships can get stale," said Stanger, who recently teamed up with Cottonelle's 'Make the Ultra Switch' campaign.

PopEater's Amber James sat down with Stanger to talk about the upcoming season, her new DVD 'Married in a Year' and why she wants to hook up Kim Kardashian. Watch ►►