Wolfgang Puck interviewWolfgang Puck, the Austrian chef who basically invented gourmet pizza, has been catering the official Oscars party for years. Not only does he have his Academy Award soiree, he's also catering the Grammys and the Super Bowl. We checked in to see how Puck, 61, is prepping for the season.

Have you been sleeping much lately?
No. It's OK, we'll sleep when we are dead, a long time.

How many people are you cooking for at the Super Bowl?
We have a party for 3,500 for the NFL and another one for 800. It's going to be a wild weekend.

What are you making?
Some people are having buffets and some sit-down dinners. So some are having filet with sautéed spinach or a porterhouse steak with mushrooms. We have sides like mac and cheese and a crab salad.

Is it going to be more meat and potatoes?
It's a very man-oriented party for the Super Bowl, so it's more of a steakhouse atmosphere.