Jersey Shore Skins MTV
MTV is already having a busy 2011 with two hit shows dominating the press. 'Jersey Shore' keeps smashing the ratings because people can't resist the cast's alcoholic antics and fist fights. And although 'Skins' is receiving mixed reviews, the show is making a name for itself by being accused of violating child pornography laws and being dubbed "the most dangerous show for teens" by the Parents Television Council.

People are tuning in to these two controversial shows in record numbers, and we think we've got the formula figured out: young people + drugs + sex + fighting = epic TV. So why don't more producers take a page from the 'Jersey Shore' and 'Skins' playbook by adding scandalous twists to their shows? Sure, they might start to lose advertisers left and right, but let's not think so negatively. We've taken the liberty of giving five shows the 'Skins' and 'Jersey Shore' treatment to make them must-watch TV. Dear networks: You can thank us later.