If you're a diehard football fan, chances are you don't know anything about the 'Puppy Bowl.' Every year, while fans anxiously await the kickoff at the Super Bowl, a different kind of game is going on over at Animal Planet.

For the seventh year in a row, Animal Planet has scoured rescues and shelters looking for contestants to play in the 'Puppy Bowl.' Once the adorable athletes make the team, the real fun begins. For two hours, cuddly pups trek from end zone to end zone, toying with each other and ogling the kittens performing in the Bissell Kitty Half Time show.

'Puppy Bowl VII' airs Feb. 6 from 3-5PM ET/PT on Animal Planet. Brace yourself for an overload of cute and go behind the scenes of the 'Puppy Bowl' after the jump!