Anne Hathaway has some very important stylistic decisions to make over the next several weeks. As the youngest, sexiest and most overtly feminine host to grace Oscar's stage at the Kodak Theatre, she is entering uncharted sartorial territory.

While her co-host James Franco also skews younger (and yes, sexier) than past Oscar frontmen, he has the stylistic advantage of being a dude, which means he gets to wear a tuxedo. It won't be so easy for Anne.

Past female Oscar hosts Ellen DeGeneres and Whoopi Goldberg, both embraced a more masculine approach to Oscar fashion in muted tones, conservative frocks, tuxedos and suits. Whoopi did take the stage in a showgirl costume at one point during her hosting gig, but that has widely been considered a mistake.

So how can Hathaway channel her youthful sex appeal, while still being taken seriously as the host of the greatest pageant in Hollywood?