EXCLUSIVE: Bravo set off a chorus of speculation on Wednesday when they announced that the premiere of one of their 'Housewives' franchises would be delayed in order to debut another. The cable network shocked fans and members of the cast when they said 'The Real Housewives of New York City' will not be hitting TV screens on Feb. 15, but instead will be pushed to March or April.

While it would seem Bravo wants to give their newest entry, 'RHO Miami,' which debuts Feb. 22, some time to shine, various reports floating around allege that Bravo was "a little worried" about the final product and that they thought the show "needs a lot of work and editing."

But a source with direct knowledge of the situation tells PopEater that it's far less scandalous than that. In previous seasons, there has always been a several-month break between the end of filming and the actual debut on Bravo. Normally, the lag hovers around three months, but sources tell us shooting for season four did not end until late January, making a Feb. 15 start date a bit unrealistic.