Justin Bieber Never say never 3dThe PE Review: It's easy to laugh off Bieber Fever. It only takes a shake of that perfectly side-swept mane to send teenage girls into hysterics. But in Justin Bieber's 3-D movie 'Never Say Never,' even the non-Beliebers among us will appreciate the heart and hard work that's gone into making the 16-year-old heartthrob a worldwide phenomenon.

The could-be-boy-bander's musical aptitude is often glossed over by the media, but in the film we see the real talent that launched his career. Home movies of Justin at age 3, rhythmically keeping the beat and drumming to the delight of his mom's 20-something friends, add some intimacy to the epic production. More family footage showcases his flourishing musical skills, showing a young Bieber performing at local talent shows and picking up a multitude of new instruments at his church. The kid proves he was launched by his voice and musical abilities, and he wasn't another mediocre-sounding youngster put in a pretty package and sold by Disney.

'Never Say Never' leads up to Justin's first headlining performance at Madison Square Garden, and the audience gets to know the wunderkind's real and extended families. We meet Pattie Mallette, the single mother who became pregnant with Justin when she was only 18, and the endearing, small town grandparents who helped raise the Canadian sensation.