"It's so sexy and romantic," Kate Walsh told StyleList about her Boyfriend fragrance collection at Sephora SoHo in New York on Wednesday.

The masculine and feminine scent was created after the demise of a relationship. "A long time ago, my boyfriend and I had broken up and I missed him, I miss that scent, I miss that feeling."

Walsh continued, "What I think I really miss is trying to encapsulate that worn-in, kind of, little bit of boyfriend smell on your shirt or on his shirt." The 'Private Practice' star realized she didn't need a man to satisfy her olfactory yearnings: "I was like, oh F it! I don't have to have a boyfriend to have that boyfriend fragrance. I was like, ding-ding, boyfriend! What a great idea for a fragrance!"

Walsh also talked about about working on the package design and branding imagery. "Isn't the bottle cool? Part of what I wanted to give women was a stylish, beautiful piece. As a little girl, I remember looking at perfume bottles as they're like little pieces of jewelry. I love the classic Chanel shape so I wanted to keep it classic but kind of modern still."