Sanctum Rhys WakefieldAustralians are taking over Hollywood, and Rhys Wakefield gets it. The 22-year-old Aussie newcomer stars in this weekend's big release, 'Sanctum,' a James Cameron-executive produced underwater thriller. Yet in spite of the stardom that can befall an unknown Australian actor in a James Cameron 3-D project, Wakefield's not ready to annoint himself the next Sam Worthington.

"Heh. I don't know," he tells PopEater. "It's kind of hard to tell what will happen. Who knows? I really just feel like a kid from the suburbs of Sydney, Australia, and somehow I ended up here in LA. I'm looking at the Hollywood sign right now, actually -- I'm at the Four Seasons -– and it's such a weird thing. So I don't know what to say to that. Whatever. We'll see what happens."

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