Tara Reid Announces Role in 'Big Lebowski 2,' Much To Coen Brothers' SurpriseTara Reid's career is hitting new highs, starring in two upcoming movies, in addition to adding a producer credit to her resume.

The surprising part of her story isn't her phoenix-like rise from the ashes of her career, but the reprisal of one of her greatest roles to date.

According to E! Online, the actress said of her busy year, "I have a movie coming out called 'The Fields.' I have another one coming out that I produced with my brother called 'The Irishman,' and we'll be doing 'American Pie 4' this year and 'Big Lebowski 2' this year."

However, the reprisal of her famous role as Bunny Lebowski comes as a surprise not only to fans, but to the Coen brothers, who wrote, directed and produced the original, and have no plans for a sequel.