This week, fans of 'The Daily Show' did a double take as the intro music faded, and the camera zoomed in on Jon Stewart's desk. The host was missing, and in his chair sat one Justin Bieber, suited up with pen in hand for all the faux-news action.

The short-lived premise was a silly body-switch involving a magical skull, and Stewart -- pretending to be the teen heartthrob trapped in the creaky "haunted house" body of a graying comedian -- quickly reversed the spell. But not before Bieber gave gravitas his best shot, telling Thursday night's studio audience about the episode's guest, U.S. military heavyweight Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Cheifs of Staff.

Of course, finding a tacky new tramp stamp tattooed on your lower back is the risk you run anytime a 16-year-old takes over your body, as Stewart learned. Still, the doting dad (who recently took his kids to Disney World to celebrate his daughter's 5th birthday) surely scored points at home for "being" Justin Bieber on TV that night.

Check out the clip here:

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