Pop culture past and present collided on 'Saturday Night Live' last night, when host Dana Carvey ('86-'93 alum, as he and Jon Lovitz reminded us in the monologue) revived his most famous 'SNL' character, the hilarious heathen-hater Church Lady.

Cast members impersonated Church Lady's first guests (those "promenading prostitutes," the Kardashians, followed by "Jersey Whore" Snooki).

But confronting the angelic face of the real Justin Bieber suddenly sent Church Lady into a wicked tizzy. She prayed for strength and decided her best course of action was to flap her wings in a Superior Dance and just bust a move with the pop star.

Bieber seemed more low-energy (up past his bedtime?) than he did in his memorable 'SNL' sketch with Tina Fey last year. But on camera with Carvey, at least the 16-year-old was more poised than in his recent Dave Letterman interview, when he tried "like" winging it in conversation with the late-night funny man.

Check out Church Chat 2011, starring Justin Bieber (who arrives about six minutes into the sketch). And after the jump, a bonus clip: a wigged-out Andy Samberg obsessing over Bieber in a spoof of Leighton Meester's new flick, 'The Roommate.'