Hosting 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend, Dana Carvey embraced old-school comedy. And as the episode kicked off, viewers (of a certain age!) shared a powerful time-travel moment seeing that old favorite, 'Wayne's World,' reunite Carvey and Mike Myers.

The topic up for discussion/ridicule: the 2011 Oscar nominees. And the boys seemed to pick up right where they left off. (A nerd says what?)

The original sketches began recurring on 'SNL' in the late '80s when Myers and Carvey were in the cast, before the duo made two 'Wayne's World' movies in the early '90s. Now, as if very little time had passed, Wayne and Garth look oddly the same as always -- that is, like two middle-aged guys in mullet wigs playing juvenile slackers by using, for the most part, that old magic trick: acting.

It wasn't their first 21st-century reunion; Wayne and Garth popped up on 2008's MTV Movie Awards. Still, the series has been loading up on cameos and surprise guests this season, and this opener was a nostalgic treat.