Ah, this year's Super Bowl didn't disappoint. Christina Aguilera flubbed the lyrics to the national anthem. The Black Eyed Peas performed a halftime show that was entertainingly bad, and the winning team's quarterback Aaron Rodgers is even rumored to be dating 'Gossip Girl's' Jessica Szohr. The commercials were great, too, of course. Kim Kardashian really "stepped it up" for Skechers. Justin Bieber went fully incognito alongside Ozzy Osbourne, and in a more serious, hard-hitting spot, Eminem returned to Detroit in an advertisement for Chrysler.

In the "Imported from Detroit" ad, a Chrysler sedan drives through what appears to be a rather unglamorous, working-class city. "What does this city know about luxury?" the narrator asks as we see the Joe Louis fist, Campus Martius, the Fox Theatre and other iconic Detroit landmarks.

The rift to Eminem's hit 2002 song 'Lose Yourself' begins to play, and we see the rapper himself cruising through motor city where he proudly started his musical career. The commercial points out the hard-working people of the city that has "been to hell and back," and implies that the tough times the city of Detroit have endured are what makes the city's people so resilient. Then Eminem's impassioned rap about giving everything you can and overcoming great adversity adds some heart and substance to the well-produced spot. We're supposed to see how strong and lasting Detroit is and assume the automobiles built there have those same positive qualities.

But as Business Week reported, this undoubtedly expensive Super Bowl commercial definitely generated a lot of buzz and touched the hearts of those in Detroit, but it might not necessarily boost car sales for Chrysler.

"To the rest of the nation watching the Super Bowl, Chrysler is struggling to make it back and Detroit as a city has been left for dead," Business Week wrote. "Trying to raise the prospects of both in one ad is, shall we say, extremely ambitious."

But, hey, if Kim Kardashian can sell sneakers, who's to say Eminem can't sell cars? Watch the Chrysler spot for yourself after the jump.