The March cover of Cosmopolitan features 'Glee' star Lea Michele in a sexy top that plunges deeeep down, showing a revealing swath of the star's chest. A handful of critics are already crying foul, calling the image inappropriate for the star of a hit teen comedy, but Lea's co-star and TV mentor, Matthew Morrison, has got his friend's back.

"Show it while you still got it!" co-star Matthew Morrison told me this weekend while we both celebrated the Super Bowl in Dallas. Mind you, Mr. Schue hadn't even seen Lea's racy cover, but he has a "no regrets" attitude to his own foray in sexed-up mag covers.

"I didn't expect to be shirtless when I did the cover of Details but I thought the end result was good," Matthew confessed about his topless shot.

But of course no one gave a flip when the teacher on 'Glee' showed off his skin. But last year, Lea was criticized after she posed in her panties for the infamous GQ 'Glee Gone Wild' issue, despite being well over 18. (She's 24.) So does a double standard exist?