Award shows are fun. You've got beautiful actresses in glamorous designer dresses and handsome actors in tuxes passing out prizes to the movies and stars we love to love (or love to hate). It's all very self-congratulatory and sparkly and exciting. Except when it isn't. You see, myself and my pop culture-writing brethren just love to think out loud about who is going to win, and sometimes that takes all of the fun out of it. Who really cares about the race when you know in advance who will cross the finish line first, right?

But there's one Oscar category this year that's shaping up to be so unpredictable, so rife with possibility, that it defies the odds: Best Supporting Actress. Instead of trying to deduce a winner, let me explain why this is the category to watch. Because despite what other "experts" might try to tell you, the prize could go to just about any of the nominees -- and that is awesome!